Dec 11th 2021

Greetings All!

Sunday, 12/12  1:49 AM - No more caramel cheesecake salt water taffy to be found...we've brought in caramel swirl & peppermint in case the caramel runs out!

Paid full retail for Inglehoffer cute little jars of 4 oz sweet hot mustard we've used for close to 20 years, well, actually we used to use the 2 oz jars, which were even cuter! and allowed for more mustard flavors in every box....maybe they'll bring them back someday....

It's Saturday 6:44 am and we're seeing United States Postal Service Priority Mail deliveries going smoothly across the nation. Only one area with hit & miss one day delivery delays with parcels going thru Denver, Colorado. 

Substitution Report: This isn't really a supply chain issue so much as a vendors server was rejecting our emails. An unexpected delay in delivery of a thousand jars of Inglehoffer Sweet Hot Mustard 4 oz jar from Beaverton Foods. Apparently they "did not receive" our purchase order placed 2 weeks ago...we are now qued for December 16th delivery...this means half the COWTOWN orders will go out with Rose City Pepperheads MarionBerry Blast Pepper Jelly (3 oz) mild.... or Oregon Roasted Salted Hazelnuts (4 oz) 

We are grateful for the staff who decide everyday to show up for work and fresh pack orders, standing on concrete,  in a cold shop so the cheese keeps cold!

As I create the order packets with all the holiday wishes to family & friends of love & joy I am happy to report spirits are high:)