Deluxe Meat & Cheese Gift Basket | Tillamook ® Sharp & Extra Sharp Aged Cheddar

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This Meat and Cheese Gift Basket is perfect for cheddar cheese lovers on any occasion.  The robust selection of sharp cheddar cheese from Tillamook ® Creamery in this cheese gift box includes one half pound each of Tillamook ® Medium Sharp & Extra Sharp Aged Cheddar. Add the amazing taste of  best in the nw  beef summer sausage, artisan crackers, tangy sweet hot mustard, roasted & salted Oregon hazelnuts, honey, strawberry, raspberry & marionberry jam samplers and delicious chewy dried NW cherries enrobed in smooth cherry chocolate goodness!


Oregon Maiden's Meat and Cheese Gift Basket Includes:

  • Tillamook ® Sharp Cheddar Cheese (1/2 lb) | Aged 9 Months
  • Tillamook ® Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese (1/2 lb) | Aged 15 Months
  • Dan the Sausageman Beef Summer Sausage (10 oz) Burien, Washington
  • NW Berry Jam Samplers - Oregon Strawberry (1 oz), Cascade Mountain Red Raspberry Preserves (1 oz), Seedless Marionberry Preserves (1 oz) & Pure Honey (1 oz)
  • Inglehoffer ® Sweet Hot Mustard (4 oz) Made in Beaverton, Oregon
  • Hazelnut Hill Hazelnut Toffee (5 oz) - Made in small batches and coated with the finest dark chocolate and Hazelnut Hill hazelnuts- Made in Junction City, Oregon
  • Monet Entertainer Crackers (5.3 oz) Ritzy, flavorful & full size for cheese and crackers snacking
  • Oregon Maiden Pastel Cherry Milk Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries (4 oz
  • NW Berry Jam Mini Samplers- Oregon Strawberry (1 oz), Seedless Marionberry (1 oz), Cascade Mountain Red Raspberry (1 oz) and Pure Honey (1 oz)
  • CowTown USA corrugated box (12"x3"x11") tied with bow
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