Deluxe Smoked Salmon Gift Box - Smoked Black Pepper White Cheddar Cheese



Our Deluxe Smoked Salmon Gift Basket features a full pound of Alaska Smokehouse Naturally Wild Smoked Salmon! Each 1/2 lb salmon fillet is smoked in the tradition of Native American style hot smoked salmon. Each salmon is sustainably caught in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Alaska, then transported to their Washington smokehouse to be brined and smoked over Alderwood. Paired with Tillamook Smoked Black Peppercorn infused White Cheddar Cheese , crisp cracked pepper water crackers, raspberry chipotle fruit spread and delicious strawberry cheesecake salt water taffy. The sweet and savory gourmet goodies selected for this Smoked Salmon and Cheese Gift perfectly compliment every bite of the succulent smoked salmon fillet gold foil packed in its own juices for added flavor. 


Deluxe Smoked Salmon Gift Basket includes:


-Alaskan Alder Smoked Salmon - 1 lb. - Each 1/2 lb fillet individually sealed in gold foil pouch to preserve flavor

Tillamook Smoked Pepper White Cheddar - 7 oz  

Raspberry Chipotle Jam - 5 oz  Sweet Heat adds major flavor to cheese and crackers gift set

SmokeHouse Almonds - 4 oz. Hickory Smoked & Salted Almonds

Strawberry Cheesecake Salt Water Taffy - 4 oz - Amazingly Good!

Wellington Water Crackers - 4 oz - The Gold Standard in Premium Water Crackers