To contact us regarding an issue with your order please call 1-855-432-6252 or email us at info @ oregonmaiden. com

(Please take into consideration we are on Pacific Standard Time) 


At Oregon Maiden Gift Baskets we realize we have two customers to please with every order, the gift sender and the gift recipient. We're in this business because it's fun, creative and people are mostly complimentary and nice. Give us a call if you're unhappy or disappointed in any way. Hopefully we will pay attention and learn where we need to improve.

Please note it is an industry standard that, for food safety reasons, food items cannot be returned for a refund. When  a gift basket parcel is returned to us as non-deliverable we open the box to remove the packing slip so we can advise you the delivery failed. We then must throw away every food item, perishable or not. Sometimes, together, we can figure out it it was just simply an incorrect or no longer valid address. All these tasks take time and cost money.

There's often a lot of effort and emotion put into placing an order along with high hopes the gift recipient will receive a happy surprise .... on time!  Folks are spending a pretty penny to send good food gifts which reach their destination in a timely manner. Most often we are willing to take the financial hit when it is no one's fault, however, we can count on one hand the number of times we've refused to remedy the situation and the dispute with our credit card processor was resolved in our favor each time.