To contact us regarding an issue with your order please call 1-855-432-6252 or email us at info @ oregonmaiden. com

(Please take into consideration we are on Pacific Standard Time) 


At Oregon Maiden Gift Baskets we believe we have two customers to please with every order, the gift sender and the gift recipient. We're in this business because it allows us to be creative while helping people connect with friends and family across the miles with gourmet goodies, kind messages & happy thoughts all day long:) Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns with your gift basket delivery. We will make things right and hopefully, find a way to make necessary improvements along the way.


Quantities are limited and orders are subject to availability. If, after taking your order, an item becomes unavailable, we may substitute an item of equal or greater value.

We will always do our best to keep in theme with the gift basket selected, flavor, brand, size and overall value of substitutions/replacements greater than the original product ordered.

Supply chain issues promise to be unpredictable at best for the 2022 holiday season. In 2020, it was actual ingredients, materials, etc. ; this season it seems every business along the supply chain is burdened with staffing issues affecting production, delivery, and on and on.



For returns, refunds and exchanges, please contact customer service within 24-48 hours of receipt. Since our packages are perishable, please inspect your package immediately upon receipt. We cannot be responsible for damaged or compromised product due to the following:

  1. Delayed deliveries due to weather or other "Acts of God".
  2. Third party shippers-We are not responsible for the performance of third party shippers as we have no control over their operations.
  3. Incorrect addresses. (* Please be sure to include apartment, suite or floor numbers, as needed.)
  4. Gift shipments sent to recipients who are out of town or otherwise unavailable to receive their shipment. Please notify recipient of the pending arrival of perishables!
  5. Package received but contents not refrigerated upon arrival allowing for unnecessary spoilage We mark gifts containing cheese & chocolates "Perishable" both inside and outside of parcel in case it is opened for recipient.
  6. items sent to Parcel Locker unnoticed because recipient not notified by sender. Note: These community mailboxes are becoming more commonplace.



It takes one business day to receive and process your order. Please remember that the delivery clock starts once the package is picked up from our location not once the order is placed.


Wrong Address, Moved, Non-Deliverable: is not responsible for orders placed using incorrect shipping addresses, addresses with no US Postal Service door to door delivery, no forwarding address, etc. There is no shipping filter which will tell us Uncle Harry used to live here, but he up and moved to Florida last spring.

The number one reason this happens is a mistake by the customer placing the order. There is a difference between a real address and the right address. The shipping label prints exactly what you type into the  address. An email notification is sent almost immediately with your order confirmation showing shipping address as you entered it. This is the time to call and share the correct address. The second most common issue is the party has moved. 


Even after decades in the gift delivery business we're still disappointed every time we send off a gift basket only to hear  it end up lost along the way or worse yet, just sitting in some shipping hub with no movement on tracking for days!!!!! is not responsible for the performance of third party shippers, nor is it possible for us to control same. However, we've given this a lot of thought and truly believe both we, the retailer, and our customers knowingly enter into an unavoidable transaction with third party shippers. We all know what we're getting into...and hope for the best. Our staff has decided instead of being cold-hearted and throw either one of hard earned cash to the wind, we should share the responsibility. We will issue a store credit in these instances. We are taking the bigger financial hit as we have to produce another freshly packed gift basket, including purchasing shipping , providing labor to facilitate, etc. We know we may lose you as a customer forever because the order was not delivered and that is usually associated with the gift basket company not the third party shipper. Regardless, this is the solution that seems fairest to most of our customers and feels right, which matters a lot! 


Sometimes, together, we can figure out if it was just simply an incorrect or no longer valid address. All these tasks take time and cost money. There's often a lot of effort and emotion put into placing an order along with high hopes the gift recipient will receive a happy surprise, delivered on time and in premium condition!  Folks are spending a pretty penny to send gourmet food gifts in the midst of ever increasing costs across the board. Most often we are willing to take the financial hit when it is no one's fault, however, we can count on one hand the number of times we've refused to remedy the situation and the dispute with our credit card processor was resolved in our favor each time. 



If ordering beer or wine gifts you are agreeing you are at least age 21 years old . The recipient must be age 21 year or over as well. Our shipper will require an adult signature at delivery. It can not be dropped off or delivered to anyone under the age of 21.

I have read & understand Oregon Maiden's Shipping & Refunds Policies via link provided in every product description. Oregon Maiden may hold a package for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday shipping if shipping to a warmer region or one known to be experiencing weather related delivery issues. I understand all third party shippers may experience delayed delivery times due to seasonal demand, weather, etc. & is not responsible for deliveries damaged or missing due to the following:

If one or more items in your order has an extended ship date, your loan payment(s), including interest, may be due before the merchant ships all of the items. Please note that you may not receive a rebate of any interest that may have already accrued on an amount that later gets refunded.