The USDA has determine hard cheeses (all cheddars) can be shipped at room temperature and, in fact, can be stored at room temperature until opened. Here at Oregon Maiden we have opted to take it up a notch and cold pack all our cheeses. We want you & your gift recipient to know the cheddar cheese is safe to eat despite any shipping delays it may have experienced. The USDA guide for MAIL ORDER FOOD SAFETY is a good read for all consumers. We have taken the extra step of labeling each order and having gift packers write sign off on each order the pack with the date and their name so gift recipients will know it was packed fresh the day it actually shipped.

We are more concerned about freezing this time of year! Some people say they freeze cheese and it tastes just fine! We won't be freezing cheese for shipment anytime soon . . . although we are a little less worried now about the product quality being affected by cold, cold temps. Delays in northern regions meant your package was waiting in walk-in cooler like temperatures... 



Please take a look at the tracking and determine if the delay took place in a cold region. If you are in the south west and your package did not arrive in 5-7 days please check the pepper jack cheese to see if it is "squishy" and throw it away. Please contact us at with the phrase THIS IS JACK in  ALL CAPS in the subject line and we will remedy the loss.


All the summer sausage we use is wood smoked, cured and therefore shelf stable. The summer sausage does not require refrigeration even though it may be displayed in grocery store cooler by lunch meats (so people can find it). It DOES need to be refrigerated once opened/cut into.




There are a couple of reasons for this we actually have some control over:

  • Your order is on hold because it appeared you may have missed checking the box for "shipping/billing address not the same"  & shipped it to yourself.  We will attempt to contact you & have not heard a reply back.
  • Our  USPS shipping label processing software, ENDICIA, would not process a label due to a non-existent address and we have not heard a reply back from you.
  • You called to tell us recipient won't be home to receive and asked us to hold
  • Supply chain issues delayed fulfillment (we do not substitute the BRAND TILLAMOOK ® CHEESE ! )
  • We printed the label, attached to your order packet (invoice, packing slip, gift card) and one of those components was missing by the time it reached the gift packers in the shop so it was set aside for the moment, never to be seen again...i.e., we screwed up!:(
  • The owner (aka Cheese Grinch) refused to release orders for shipment to areas experiencing news worthy delays of WEEKS not DAYS! We decided not to knowingly throw your gift order into the train wreck that is USPS at the moment, just so we could say we "shipped on time!". We are a small, family-owned business and we are doing the same  with gift boxes we still have to send out to our own friends & family.




There are also reasons beyond our control:

  • Inexplicable delays in USPS distribution
  • Seemingly any deliver that had the misfortune of move through the Philidelphia, PA shipping hub
  • Your gift order has actually arrived , but delivery was never scanned by  USPS outsourced final delivery service. Please verify with recipient.
  • Your label was damaged and could not be scanned and is sitting in a bin in a corner somewhere waiting to be shipped back to us if they can still read that part of the label . . . "when they get to it"!



UPDATE !! - November 19, 2020   As we are all aware, circumstances beyond both of our control, such as severe weather, natural disasters, strike, pandemics. etc., impacting various aspects of commerce, ground or air transportation, supply chains in & out, etc.  are affecting "normal" delivery expectations by third party shippers.

All third party shippers have voided their delivery time guarantees.  We are striving to continue to keep our services available during a time when sending good food gifts to family & friends is extremely important. 


UPDATE  12/15/20 

Supply chains are being interrupted affecting items like satin ribbon, shrink wrap and brand of summer sausage on various packing days.


USPS parcel tracking shows intermittent delays. We will use our  years of experience to determine if/when gift items should be released into a bottle necked parcel carrier system as we approach the height of the holiday season based on how we are seeing deliveries move in various parts of the country. We will take great care to maintain the premium quality of the perishable items in each and every gift box.   Thank you. 


UPDATE: 12/17/20  On the evening of December 16th between the hours of 6pm-10 pm Pacific Time,  we noticed online order placement seemingly stopped for several hours,  then started again.  So far we believe orders were placed but neither party received an order confirmation/order notification email.  We have not received an answer from our ecommerce platform, BIG COMMERCE, as to what caused this glitch. This was a high volume online sales day and we could surmise their server crashed, however, that does not explain only the connect with GOOGLE MAIL being affected. If you were affected by this glitch please contact us via email: info @,mso we may work to resolve your order status. Thank You.


UPDATE 12/18/20: Beaverton Foods was not able to get in the little glass jars used for their Inglehoffer 4oz mustards we use in gift packs and could not do another "run" of that specialty item. We have been sourcing product at full retail and off Amazon and now that supply is exhausted save  a few hold outs charge outlandish prices! We have substituted Beaverton Foods mustard with Beaverton Foods Creamy Horseradish as a compliment to the beef summer sausage as we found a supply available and able to ship in a timely fashion.

UPDATE: 12/19/20: Substituting Oregon Hill Farms 5.5 oz Seedless Marionberry with any flavor they have left in inventory to ship!  Oregon Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Apricot and Apple Butter.


UPDATE 12/21/20Chukar Cherries not shipping product until Jan 4th. Substituting with like chocolates : chocolate covered cherry cordials, Rochert (hazelnut), chocolate truffles

Oregon Hill Farms sold out of 5.5 oz jars of jam (all flavors) 



  • We ship gift items containing perishables out on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday only.
  • Daily cut off time for orders to ship that day is 1 pm. 
  • Orders containing perishable items will placed after Wednesday at 1 pm will not ship until the following Monday (if it is not a holiday).
  • We do not recommend shipping to PO Boxes unless you take responsibility for coordinating notification to recipient.
  • Please know that if the recipient is not home and we were unable to deliver the package, this does not qualify as missing the delivery.
  • Should the third party shipper place delivery in a post office or mail room “Locker” associated with the delivery address, said item is considered delivered. Please check whether your recipient has a mail room, reception, receiving or security/access issue that would affect the delivery.
  • If the item is delivered to the doorstep of recipient and not noticed because recipients enter thru garage and didn’t see it, the item does not qualify for refund. Please either notify sender of delivery tracking or track carefully so you can give them a call once delivered.
  • Please be sure recipient isn’t traveling 3-5 days before or after target delivery date as third party shippers may experience any of the aforementioned shipping delays. It is best just not to risk a tight delivery window when the possibility exists recipient may not be home.
  • Make extended delivery time allowances during any major gift giving holiday or occasion. Oregon Maiden is not responsible for delivery delays caused by an overwhelmed delivery system during a known holiday rush season, especially when combined with the affects of weather on ground & air transportation nationwide, or an economy affected by a worldwide pandemic.



QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS ? Contact Us at or log into your online account to send direct message regarding your order.



  • Double check your recipient’s shipping address. Family & Friends move and your software may auto populate the address with out of date information. 

  • Verify recipient lives on a postal home delivery route and/or notify them they need to check their po box.
  • Make sure your party is going to be home to receive a package during estimated delivery date range.

  • Notify your recipient a package is on the way.

  • When sending to a business verify days of week hours open especially while work-from-home scenarios are in place. 

Oregon Maiden Gift Baskets is not responsible for the performance of third party shippers due to weather, acts of God & Mother Nature, socio-economic crisis, theft, labor strikes or high volume holiday shipping traffic.

Incorrect addresses may delay shipment. Your order may be subject to additional charges for address correction or forwarding by postal or shipping services... ( we haven't charged yet, but it becomes quite costly to reship fresh orders for free when it wasn't our doing:)


FRESH EXPRESS  shipping logistics refers to the careful shipping & handling process provided by Oregon Maiden Gift Basket Company gift packers to maximize the amount of time your perishable gift items remain refrigerated and at food safe temperatures during order fulfillment.  We utilize USPS for the final delivery to recipient’s door for gift baskets containing perishable items such as cheeses, chocolates, etc. 


To ensure your gift arrives in perfect condition, we recommend shipping to a street address, not a P.O. Box. Oregon Wine, Beer & Cider Gift Basket shipments can not be delivered via USPS. Please do not send perishable foods to a US post office box. Oregon Maiden will not send perishable foods to overseas military bases.

Every order containing perishable cheeses is packed in a thermal lined shipping container with reusable, food safe frozen gel packs.  Cheeses should arrive cold or cool to the touch and be refrigerated upon arrival. Cheese & Meat Gift boxes are shipped USPS 2-3 day air for $14.95 Nationwide. UPS 2nd day air, often twice the price, means the second day after it ships. UPS does not guarantee shipping at any price in  the face of inclement weather. Sometimes packages are rerouted to avoid extreme weather conditions and end up taking twice as long. After years of shipping cheese and meat gift boxes we’ve determined USPS the most dependable, cost effective method of shipping for our customers.



You, the customer, are responsible to make a decision at time of check out on best shipping option in consideration of the current weather/route/holiday season to your recipient’s destination. No third party shipper guarantees delivery in the face of inclement weather anywhere along the shipping route, no matter how much money is spent and neither can we. Please do not waste your money on 2 day or overnight shipping via UPS or Fed Ex as there is NO GUARANTEE of timely delivery! Please consider it is always a good day to get a present . . . and your friends and family will appreciate a call or text from you letting them know a gourmet taste of Oregon is on the way! For last minute gifts please consider an e gift card.



  • Quantities are limited and orders are subject to availability, especially during peak gift giving seasons & occasions. If, after taking your order, an item becomes unavailable, or extreme weather conditions along shipping path require replacing with item that won't be damaged by melting or freezing, etc., we may substitute an item of equal or greater value. We consider the type of item, flavor, value and theme of gift.