Smoked Salmon and Cheese Gift Baskets - Tillamook Smoked Cheddar Combo


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Take the celebration up a notch with this northwest smoked salmon and cheese gift basket guaranteed to impress. This is the good stuff! ... Hickory smoked moist salmon fillet ready to serve and enjoy with a smorgasbord of smoked cheddar cheese, cucumber wasabi, a blend of cool cucumbers with the heat of wasabi for a lively dip or spread, and crisp water crackers. Smoked hazelnuts from the Willamette Valley set out nicely with the cheese board & salmon adding salty, crunchy goodness with every bite. Add a spoonful of Oregon raspberry atop the white peppercorn cheddar on a cracker for a surprisingly tasteful flavor combination. For dessert we've added JonBoy Caramels infused with Samish Bay Whiskey from Skagit Valley and finished with a sprinkling of Yakima applewood smoked salt. 

Gourmet foods in this Smoked Salmon and Cheese Gift Basket include:

  • Alaska Smoked House Smoked Salmon Fillet 1/2 lb. Wild Caught Smoked in Woodinville, Washington
  • Tillamook Farmers' Collection Smoked Medium Cheddar Cheese 7 oz. Aged Over 60 Days Smoked with Real Hickory Made in Tillamook, Oregon
  • Tillamook Farmers' Collection Smoked Black Pepper White Cheddar 7 oz. Creamy smokey peppery - Made in Tillamook, Oregon
  • Elki Creamy Cucumber & Wasabi Dip & Spread - 10.75 oz  Made in Everett, Washington
  • Elki Water Crackers 2.2 oz  Baked in Everett, Washington
  • Columbia Empired Farms Smoked Hazelnuts  4 oz. Grown in Willamette Valley, Oregon
  • JonBoy Caramel Whiskey Smoked Salt 4 oz box Made in Seattle, Washington
  • Red Hills Fruit Company Raspberry Preserves-11.5 oz Made in Willamette Valley, Oregon
  • Distressed Wood Gift Basket Crate with Galvanized Trim, 10.5 x 7 x 4