Smoked Salmon & Marionberries

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Wild Caught and Alder Smoked Salmon gift with mild Marionberry Blast Pepper Jelly, Marionberry Preserves and roasted salted Oregon Hazelnuts. Traditional Native American Style Smoked Salmon (not lox) hand-filleted and soaked in a traditional Native American brine then hot smoked over alder fires. 

This Smoked Salmon Gift Basket will be packed fresh to order & Includes:

100% Wild Caught Smoked Salmon Gift Box (8 oz.) | Alaska Smokehouse | Made in Woodinville, Washington Alaska Smokehouse's Natural Smoked Salmon fillet is characterized by a light pink color, fine texture and mild flavor. Naturally high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Marionberry Blast Mild Pepper Jelly (3 oz.)  |Rose City Pepperheads | Made in Tigard, Oregon "Farm to Jar Pepper Jelly", mild heat. Marinate your next halibut, salmon or chicken. Glaze a cheesecake or spread on pancakes, crepes or bagels - or just pour over cream cheese & salmon with crackers!

Premium Salted Roasted Hazelnuts (4 oz.)  | Hazelnut Hill | Made in Eugene, Oregon At Hazelnut Hill, we're showing that a small family farm in Oregon can keep up with the big boys — and then some. We tend and harvest our 400 acres with the pride that comes with being one of the very few tree-to-table producers in the US

Gourmet Water Crackers (2.2 oz) | Elki | Made in Everett, Washington Perfect served with hors d’oeuvres. These crackers have been praised for their natural flavor and crisp texture. Make a salmon spread and set out the Elki for entertaining.

Marionberry Seedless Preserves (12 oz.) | Columbia Empire Farms | Made in Sherwood, Oregon "Marionberry" Our most popular Oregon berry! Marionberries are often called the "Cabernet of Blackberries". The Marionberry is a variety of Blackberry introduced by George Waldo in 1956 and named for Marion County, Oregon...and is a cross between the Chehalem and Ollalie Blackberries. Our seedless preserves are perfect on your morning scone, toast, or biscuits!


Marionberry Hazelnut Toffee (4 oz.) | Holm Made Toffee Company | Made in Eugene, Oregon  A delectable combination of two of Oregon's famous produce items (not to mention state nut and berry), will be sure to have you finish a whole box in one sitting. Our staff loved the mixture of both white and dark chocolate, with a colorful pop of the freeze-dried marionberries on top. Try this all new crowd pleaser!

Oregon Berries Fruit Pate Assortment (2 oz.) | Cranberry Sweets & More | Made in Coos Bay, Oregon When you try our Oregon Berries raspberry and Marionberry fruit pate assortment, you may find yourself reminiscing about warm days spent in the berry patch or lingering in Grandma's kitchen over a fresh berry pie. Our secret recipes and natural ingredients ensure a "just picked" flavor that is perfect for nibbling.

Tuxedo Market Tray Gift Box & Ribbon - We will consider recipient when choosing either turquoise (shown) black or white satin ribbon 

Be sure and ADD Cold Packing ($9.95) when shipping during warm weather to keep perishable cheese & chocolate food safe