Tillamook ® Cheese | Trask Mountain Smoked Extra Sharp White Cheddar


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Trask Mountain Smoked Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese is a newcomer to Tillamook's ® premium line up of gourmet cheeses  now being named after regional  cultural & historic landmarks. Slow, cold smoking process uses smoldering hickory to infuse the cheddar with sultry, smokey flavor. This is an ADD IN item only ;  add this item to any gift basket order.

Notes: "White cheddar cheeses will vary a bit on color – it depends on the time of year and how much fresh grass the cows are eating! There is no difference in taste when comparing white and yellow cheddar of the same age or flavor (smoked) – the only difference is the color courtesy of annatto food coloring.  

Trask Mountain & the Trask River are named after Oregon Country pioneer, fur trapper & mountain man  Eldridge Trask. Eldridge & Hannah  settled west of the peak in the Tillamook Bay area in 1852.

Weight: 1/2 lb.

Aged: Over 15 months

Milk: Cow

Region: Oregon Coast & Columbia River Basin

Beer Pairing: Dubbel or Nothing | Monkless Belgian Ales | Bend, OR

Wine Pairing: Cliff Creek Cellars 2013 Merlot | Sams Valley Vineyards | Southern Oregon