Wild King Smoked Salmon Gift - Garlic & Ginger

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Oregon Maiden's Wild King Smoked Salmon Gift | Garlic & Ginger:

Sea Bear Wild King Smoked Salmon (6 oz) Wild caught in the clear, cold waters of the Pacific Northwest. The King is the largest, most prized and most celebrated of all wild salmon. A very special culinary treat, the King salmon is known by its orange-red color, large flakes, wonderfully mild flavor and Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids. 

Face Rock Creamery's Vampire Slayer Garlic Cheddar ( 6 oz.)-Garlic lovers unite! This memorable garlic infused cheddar cheese is tangy and smooth. Face Rock Creamery's classic aged cheddar infused with a bold dose of garlic is currently one of their most popular cheddars. It's definitely a "must try" for anyone who loves garlic. Proudly Made in Bandon, Oregon

Tony's Smoked Salmon Pate (3.5 oz)-Tony’s Smoke House & Cannery Gourmet Smoked Salmon Pate – The taste of our smooth, creamy, lightly seasoned pate is great as-is or mixed with cream cheese on crackers for a gathering. 3.5oz  Made in Oregon City, OR

Elki Garlic & Herb Crackers (2.2 oz.)-ELKI's Gourmet Garlic Herb Crackers are a wonderful blend of roasted garlic and flavorful herbs.  A delicious snack right out of the box or paired with your choice of toppings, meats, cheeses, dips and spreads.  These garlic herb crackers are a thin and crisp treat, sure to be a big hit at your next event! Everett, Washington

Elki Sesame Crackers (2.2 oz) ELKI's Gourmet Sesame Water Crackers are a thin, crisp, delicious cracker with a hint of fresh roasted sesame flavor.  Our sesame crackers are delicious paired with cheeses, fresh herbs and/or vegetables, great with hummus, bruschetta's, pesto's and tapenade's or can be eaten right out of the box for a wonderful snack! Everett, Washington

Roasted Garlic Red Pepper Summer Sausage (10 oz.)-Dan the Sausageman delivers the best tasting summer sausage we've found!-Burien, Washington

Rose City Pepperheads Garlic Ginger Pepper Jelly (3 oz) - Farm to jar pepper jelly, medium heat-Made in Portland, Oregon

Dark Chocolate Bar | Pecan Praline & Ginger (3 oz)- Moonstruck Chocolate's Element Artisan Bar of rich, dark chocolate infused with spicy crystalized ginger and crunchy pecan pull together by gravitational force. Made in St. Johns, Oregon