Happy New Year, All

& Thank You for Our Best Year Ever!


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Update: 12/26 We totally forgot today is a federal holiday, we've been locked in our shop all weekend and weren't allowed out! Apologies to anyone who got a SHIPPED alert, they go out automatically when we print the labels. We have to look into a better ecommerce platform. i think we've out grown this one.

Update: 12/20 We have learned the phone answering service fielding customer service calls has not reviewed nor responded to your voicemails since sometime on December 19th! Remaining staff are now responding to emails only throughout the day. Please contact us by email only & remember to include the order number, your name or ship to name so we can pull up your order more easily and respond more quickly.

Please visit our  SHIPPING POLICIES | UPDATES  page for more info regarding delayed delivery questions & concerns for more information before emailing.

We posted the following excerpt at the end of 2020!

Make extended delivery time allowances during any major gift giving holiday or occasion. Oregon Maiden is not responsible for delivery delays caused by an overwhelmed delivery system during a known holiday rush season, especially when combined with the effects of weather on ground & air transportation nationwide, or any other issues affecting the economy, ie, supply chain issues, labor force shortages, etc.”


Thank You for Your Patience!


Where's my package?

Update: 12/26 We have close to 2 dozen returns to go thru, wrong addresses, damaged en route,etc. 

Locally, a severe ice storm had third party shippers decide, without notice, to stop taking packages before 4 pm on Thursday, Dec. 22 nd which meant our daily UPS drop of gifts containing perishable cheeses went nowhere. 

On Friday, when the entire Willamette Valley was encapsulated in ice & immobilized, we skated into the shop & tried to drop off packages at US Post Office back dock only to learn no trucks would be coming or going!

Nationwide we are seeing no movement & 5 day delays even in the western states.

We will be cautiously releasing packages beginning Monday, December 26th. All orders will be packed fresh. Please remember we deal largely in perishable cheeses and are not willing to send off parcels into the chaotic abyss that is currently third party shipping just so we can tell our customers, "Well, we shipped it..."  Food safety, your recipient's  safety, is our first priority!






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